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Protect yourself, your company, your assets and / or your staff. View our insurance policies for entrepreneurs here.



You want to protect what you hold dear. Protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences of everyday risks. Discover our full range of insurance products here..



Your association is running at full speed, but there are always risks when you bring people together, organise activities or rent or purchase goods, which you are not always in control of.


Like any season, summer has pros and cons for your business. Sunny days bring a lot of people, but too much sun or too many people make it harder and riskier to work. In this article, we reach out for some things to consider.

And then it was quiet. Your business was running like clockwork, your schedule was full ... until, overnight, you couldn't go on. Whatever the cause, you better prepare your business for unexpected interruptions. This article will get you thinking about how you will react in such a situation.

Maybe you do it because your parents did it, maybe you have your own reasons. You may prefer to do something completely different on the first sunny day of the year. The fact is: spring cleaning has its advantages. Read them here and get started with our tips for an efficient, safe spring clean.

Self-employed, entrepreneur, manager, partner, freelancer ... Whatever you call yourself, whatever your specialty is: when you have your own business, you have the helm in your own hands. But unfortunately, you can never control everything. However, you can prepare and read up.

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