Liability & legal assistance

Discover all our legal assistance insurance and civil liability insurance below

Professional liability

The professional liability insurance covers the person or company that suffers damage due to your professional error. That way, you protect your own business from compensation claims made by third parties.

Third party liability

Sometimes things can go wrong in the conduct of your business and result in loss or damage. The policy will compensate the party suffering loss on your behalf. Third-party liability insurance for your business therefore protects your company

Professional liability insurance Medical professions

Suitable for every doctor or paramedic with their own independent practice, covering yourself, your replacement or everyone who works for you against liabilities.

Physical damage

Discover here our collective hospitalisation insurance, cover against accidents at work and disability, death and guaranteed income.

Guaranteed income

What if you were unable to work due to illness or an accident and you lost your professional income? Thanks to this insurance, you receive monthly financial support on top of your health insurance payments.

Accidents at work

Anyone can become the victim of a workplace accident at any time. That’s why you, as a business owner and employer, are required by law to take out work accident insurance.

Group hospital insurance

You cover the medical costs of your employees in the event of hospitalisation due to illness, an accident, childbirth or pregnancy complications, making this an attractive part of your staff’s salary package.

Material damage

Discover all our insurance policies below on how to protect your business’s physical assets and the possible consequences of damage to your business.

Fire & other risks

This insurance is not only a fire insurance policy, but covers your movable and immovable property for various risks, including fire, vandalism and storms.

Theft of goods

KBC Theft Insurance covers you for loss of goods as a result of theft. In addition, it covers damage, even if the thief does not actually manage to steal anything.

Light goods vehicle (LGV)

This policy provides you with comprehensive cover when you are on the road: besides the compulsory third-party liability insurance, you can add various forms of cover ranging from assistance insurance to insurance for goods in transit.


Discover all our insurance policies below for the best pension accrual and optimum taxation.


A VSPSS, or Voluntary Supplementary Pension Scheme for the Self-Employed, is the most tax-advantageous way for the self-employed to accumulate supplementary pension.

IPS (Individual Pension Scheme)

As a self-employed business owner you are probably absorbed in the day-to-day management of your company. But do you give enough thought to your own financial future?

Social VSPSS

With a social VSPSS (Voluntary Supplementary Pension Scheme for the Self-Employed) you opt for maximum protection and tax benefits. 10% of your contributions automatically go to a solidarity fund.