My child is moving into student housing

Help, my child is moving into student housing! In case of theft or damage, you are often insured without knowing it. What do you have to take into account?

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Having a child moving into student housing is a leap into the unknown. It’s a new adventure for both parent and child that brings a lot of extra worries. Whether you suffer from the empty nest syndrome or are happy to have finally some rest at home, as a parent there are still many things to consider. For example, is your child insured in the event of damage or theft? What about a child who is studying abroad? And what happens when your child accidentally damages the landlord's property? Your KBC insurance agent will be happy to help you.

Do I have to take out an extra insurance?

No, because you are usually already covered! Check the terms and conditions of your family insurance policy carefully.

Your family insurance covers damage to third parties and ensures that you do not have to worry about the financial consequences. So check carefully for which possible damage you are covered.

The insurance also works the other way around, if you are damaged by someone else's fault or negligence.


What about theft in your student room?

Without a doubt, your son or daughter promises to be careful when he or she lives in student housing. Unfortunately, some things are out of their control. Burglary is such an example. What if a brand new laptop or smartphone is stolen from their room?

In that case too, chances are that you are already insured. In addition to your home, most fire insurance policies also cover your children's student accommodation and household effects. Whether that is valid for you, it is best to check the general terms and conditions of your fire insurance.

Damage or theft abroad

Is your son or daughter going abroad for a term? Fantastic, because that will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience! Ask the college or university whether they have (accident) insurance for their students.

A laptop or smartphone stolen from your room? Then you can also rely on your fire insurance in this case. Some insurance policies even protect you worldwide.


You can check the policy.

Damage done to your room does not necessarily mean that you should address your family insurance without hesitation. Always read your rental agreement and pay close attention to the fine print, especially when it comes to damage claims.

Important note!

Do you own the student room of your son or daughter? Then you cannot make a claim on your family or fire insurance coverage. You are obliged to take out separate insurance for the building and its contents.