Managing your insurance digitally: it's that easy

To be clear: we love it when you drop by or give us a call. But we are also happy to point out the convenient digital options that complement our service. A word to the wise.

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Why get started with our online tools to manage your insurance? Two big advantages: the speed with which you can modify or look something up yourself, and the 24/7 availability of such a digital platform.

Of course, we will not simply leave the follow-up of a delicate claim or answering your specific questions to the digital assistant Kate. For that, it's better to contact our team. But do you just want to look up an insurance certificate, get an initial simulation for a new insurance policy or find out about an ongoing claim on a Sunday afternoon? Then our digital platforms are the place to be.

Online, you can look it all up yourself, in a user-friendly environment. At the same time, it puts you in direct contact with us, your trusted agent. From the application, you can simply call us or send us a message.

Checking all your insurances in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch

Both with the smartphone application KBC Mobile and with KBC Touch, on the computer or tablet, you can view everything related to your KBC insurance.

  • You can see exactly what is in your policies.
  • You can simulate new insurance and even buy it online.
  • You can report damages directly and follow up your case online.

The structure of KBC Mobile and that of KBC Touch are similar. You will find in both applications the categories Living (including your home policy and debt balance insurance), Family (including family insurance and travel insurance) and Vehicle (car and bike insurance).

KBC Mobile also has all kinds of extra features. Buying bus and train tickets, ordering service cheques, discovering interesting discounts at various shops... If you want, the app will even send you an instant notification when your favourite football team scores

Entrepreneur? Then also check out this online track

On the KBC Business Dashboard and its smartphone version KBC Business you arrange your banking and insurance affairs easily and securely. It gives you a clear overview of your payments, investments, loans and insurance.

Depending on your company's needs, you expand that platform with additional features. Moreover, you have the option to give employees or your accountant access to (part of) the platform. In short: a handy tool that makes your company's administration more efficient.

On this webpage, you can find out in a few clicks which of our applications best suits your business.

Is that all safe?

With our hands on our hearts, we can say: yes, KBC's online applications are extremely secure. First of all, all our applications work exclusively via a secure connection, which only works on your registered devices. On top of that, you have to log in again each time you use them before you can access your insurance information.

What if your smartphone with KBC Mobile or tablet with KBC Touch is stolen? Then extra security measures will ensure that your data does not end up in the wrong hands. For example, the app automatically closes itself when you are not actively using it.

If you also like our tips to prevent cybercrime, then you are definitely safe.

Would you like to go over one of the digital platforms with a specialist before you get started with it? We are here for you!

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