Don't let burglars spoil your family celebration

Is the Christmas tree already there? Or would you rather think about presents first? Whatever your end-of-year plans are, be sure to remember that this period is also one of the highlights of the year for burglars. On our festive menu, you will find unbeatable tips to prevent burglaries.

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Due to corona-lockdowns and curfews, burglary rates were low in 2020 and early 2021, but several police zones have been recording higher rates again since early 2022. As we again travel more frequently and work less from home, burglars see their opportunity to commit more residential burglaries.

During holiday periods and the dark months, numbers peak every year. The weeks around Christmas and New Year combine the two, so you'd better be on your guard. Even during the daytime, for that matter! Because according to the Federal Police, as many burglars are out and about in the afternoon as at night.

5 tips to outsmart home burglars

The golden rule: make it as difficult as possible for them

Always lock your windows and doors, with the key, even if you are only away for a moment. Even small windows in tilted position or skylights look too inviting. If you doubt whether your locks are strong enough, you can fit a security cylinder. Sliding windows are easily secured with a wooden batten in the window frame.

In addition, handle keys wisely. It is better not to put them under the mat or in a flower box. A spare key from a neighbour or the family around the corner is much safer.

Paying attention to the back of your home

Did you know that 70% of burglars break in from that side? It seems more difficult to break in through the back facade, but the opposite is true. So make sure the back door is also locked and the windows closed. And definitely don't leave a ladder or tools lying around in the garden ...

On holiday? Keep it quiet

If your lights and radio keep going on and off with a timer, unwanted visitors will not notice you are gone. In addition, it is a good idea to ask a trustworthy person to drop by from time to time. That way the letterbox doesn't bulge and the shutters go up and down.

You would also do well not to share your holiday photos on social media until after you get home. Criminals scour Facebook and co for addresses of people who are travelling.

Valuables out of sight

Are you not there, or is it dark outside? Then close the shutters or curtains of the windows where passers-by can look in. Criminals looking for loot don't need to see your new TV or antique vase.

Even in the home, it is best to store precious items, such as jewellery, in a place no one expects. How about the kitchen cupboard? Even safer, of course, is a safe or a safe in the bank.

Electronic security

And by that, we don't just mean an alarm system. Outdoor lighting that reacts to movement also has a valuable deterrent effect. As do motion sensors that trigger a notification on your smartphone (provided your wifi is properly secured ).

If you are considering an alarm system that immediately alerts local residents and possibly even the police, choose an INCERT-certified installer.

Extra: in many municipalities you can have a theft prevention advisor from the police visit you free of charge. He will give you objective advice without obligation on - you guessed it - securing your home.

Of course, we are also happy to advise you. We look at your situation and think with you about possible investments that could prevent a burglary. Naturally, we check in one move whether you are still properly insured. Your fire insurance (or home insurance) covers the damage after a home burglary anyway, but you might do well to take out optional theft cover.

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